Aalto (In Bond)


ProducerBodegas Aalto
RegionRibera del Duero
GrapeTinto Fino
Price in GBP£220.00 per 6x75cl
StatusIn Bond
Bottles Available0
Cases Available4

Aalto And Aalto Ps 2014 Opening Offer

Good morning good people and hope you are all well. A chilly grey mist is rising off the River in Richmond today but, on Saturday we were enjoying a beautiful sunny day which reminded me of Summer, Spain, and inevitably, of Aalto. They released the 2014 vintage in November, but we were busy with Christmas trading and all that jazz, so it got shelved for a few weeks. And now, whilst I am waiting to get my Burgundy allocations confirmed, I thought, let's open the samples and unleash the 2014 vintage.

Most of you know that I consider Aalto to be one of the best wines in the World. Those of you lucky enough to have opened some 2005, 2007 or 2008 recently know what I am talking about; if you have some, now is the time to start drinking them. I would still keep the 2006, 2009 and younger vintages but, the 2005s and 2007s are hitting their peak, so go for it.  And, just in case you think that I am biased, can I point out that the wines of Aalto have been consistently rated over 90 points by all the major World critics since 2005, their 1st vintage in the new vinery. This has not skipped the attention of the worldwide wine buying public and, whilst they are still releasing the wines at the same opening prices, stock is now released on allocation, so we have to give priority to those who have bought Aalto in previous vintages. I have managed to increase my allocations with 2014 vintage, but there is not much of it go around. Please also note, that these release prices will be valid for a limited time, and that the website price will be £125.00 per 6 bott once the opening offer is closed.

The 2014 has not yet been rated by any mayor critics, so you will have to trust my tasting notes but, I will remind you that the 2012 was sold within a week following being rated 6th best wine of the year by Wine Spectator, as did 2013 following high ratings by Wine Advocate. In my book, 2014 is a better vintage than either of those two, so now would be the time to play if you fancy some - we also have limited number of magnums and larger sizes - please register your interest.

On to the wines:-


Aalto 2014, Ribersa del Duero - £105.00 per 6 bott under bond

Impressive from opening, ripe black berries on the nose; intense but lean; a great structure and concentration with impeccable balance. Pure dark berries with hints of smoke, all finely wrapped in intense but very fine tannins. Much richer and fuller some 3 hours later but, still very well balanced with very fine grain, highly polished tannins in the back; feels almost like a foam of ripe tannins. Drink from 2022 for some 15 years.


Aalto 2014 PS, Ribera del Dureo - £250.00 per 6 bott under bond 

Oak dominated nose to start with but, with big body underneath. Ripe, smoky underlay with chunky black fruit on top; coats the glass. At this point it is all about power, concentration and intensity, firm complex and structured. Some 3 hours later, more rounded, big and powerful with a touch of spice; a serious drop of vino. Highly intense but, finely polished tannins dominate very, very long finish. Still very young, not much definition, just overall feeling of intensity, power and greatness. Not to miss, especially if you have some patience. 


very best



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