Selling To Us

City Wine Collection is always looking to buy stocks of well cellared fine wine. Please note that only full cases in original packaging and with full papertrail provenance would be considered.

We will gladly evaluate your cellar free of charge and arrange transfer from its current place of storage to our bonded warehouse should you wish to sell it through us. 

There are 2 methods of selling your wine: 

1. Broking service:

We will list your wine on our website either at the price we are already listing the same wine, or at the valuation price that you agree.

Our commission is 10% of the listed price; once the wine is sold, you will receive 90% of the agreed sale price. No other charges will apply.

Please note that the wine will need to be stored with us in order for us to provide this service.

2. Outright purchase:

Subject to condition, report and the style of wine, we will be happy to make a cash offer for fine wines. Depending on the wine and market conditions the offer price would normally be about 20% below the market price. 

For more details, please contact Zoran.

telephone: +44 (0) 20 8948 7823