Pichon Comtesse 2019
Posted by Admin | Tue 16 Jun 2020 | En Primeur

PICHON COMTESSE 2019 - NOT RELEASED YET - ESTIMATE £960.00 Zr - 18++; JS 98-99; JA 98 What can I say, I like Pichon Comtesse. This year much more than Pichon Baron, which was tasted at the same time and did not really even qualify for a tasting note – perhaps the sample was not up to scratch. Still, I can only write about the wine in front of me. Comtesse is back to its best, with extra fine tannins, purity and elegance one should expect from top end Pauillac; refined and balanced. It seems to go on forever. Right now the pure, crunchy, ...

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